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   Longton Memorial Tennis Club


To help meet new/existing members and enjoy a game of tennis, we have setup club ladder competition. This year it is a doubles ladder, that will run throughout the year starting from April.

Contact Alan Wilkinson on 07398291832 or by email to join the ladder.

Don't forget to book your court! 

We are using the 'Slappy: Sports Ladder' app to run and manage the ladder. Once you have contacted Alan, you will be given the access code to join the ladder and the WhatsApp group for the competition.

Through the Slappy: Sports Ladder app you can:

  • see the ladder competition you entered/current standings
  • chat with the ladder participants
  • challenge players/arrange a match
  • submit your match scores - don't forget to confirm the match score once you have played!

Rules (there are always rules!)

1. Best of 3 sets of singles tennis is played. If the game score reaches 6-6, a tie-break is played (first to 7 points or win by 2 clear points, if the tie-break reaches 6-6) in every set.

2. You should challenge the player(s) directly above you. If they cannot play within a reasonable time-frame (about a week), you can challenge the person ahead of them. You cannot challenge any higher.

3. The tournament organiser reserves the right to 'tweak' to the ladder, to ensure it remains fair.