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   Longton Memorial Tennis Club

If you have a PayPal account, we would like to encourage you to join online

Please note: You must have a 'confirmed' bank account on your PayPal account, but you can still pay using a credit/debit card

If you do not have a PayPal account...

Print and hand the completed membership form (along with your membership fee) to:

Ron Webster, 4 The Coppice, Longton, Preston, PR4 5HQ. Tel: 07793422507  

Membership prices for 2022/23 (Sept - March)

                                              Membership definitions at the bottom of the page

Family Membership

Adult Membership

Student Membership

Over 60s Membership

Over 75s Membership

Junior Membership

Mini Membership








Important: by joining Longton Tennis Club, you are agreeing to comply by the club code of conduct. This can be viewed here

Please note: due to the LTA Insurance policy, we now need some additional information when you join the club





Membership Definitions

FAMILY - 2 Adults and as many Juniors/Minis that live at the same property

ADULT - Aged 18 or older on 01/09/2022

STUDENT - Aged 18 to 21 on 31/08/2022 and in full time education

OVER 60s - Aged 60 or over on 31/08/2022

OVER 75s - Aged 75 or over on 31/08/2022

JUNIOR - Aged 11-18 on 31/08/2022

MINI - Aged 11 or under on 31/08/2022