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Longton Memorial Tennis Club

1. Suitable sportswear and footwear (i.e. trainers or tennis shoes) must be worn at all times on the courts

2. No bicycles are to be taken onto the tennis courts & must remain outside the courts at all times

3. When more than eight members are present:-

(i) Doubles sets must be played

(ii) The list system must be used and if anyone wishes to drop out for a set, their name is placed at the foot of the list

(iii) Only one short set (first to six) or one half hour knock up to be played

4. Junior members under 13 in the year of play are only allowed on the courts when supervised by a member over 13 years old in the year of play

5. Thursday evening, after 18:00, shall be adult club night when junior members must come off the courts, if adult members

are waiting to play

6. Tuesday evening, after 16:00, shall be junior club night when adult members must come off the courts, if junior members

are waiting to play

7. Members waiting their turn to play, are requested to remain outside the tennis courts, until a court becomes vacant

8. On nights other than Tuesdays and Thursdays, junior members, unless playing with adults, must give way to adult members

after 19:30, when adult members are waiting for a game

9. Guests may be taken on the courts on payment of £1.00 per day, per guest, payable online or to any committee member. Guests are limited to 3 visits, then if you wish to play again, you must join the tennis club

10. All tennis club members and guests to the club, must comply with the code of conduct in place. You can view this here

11. Where a tennis court has been booked, they have priority over someone who has not booked a court.

12. Team tennis will take priority over individual bookings. There maybe times when we need to ask you to re-arrange your individual booking, so that matches can be played by league deadlines, but this will be a last resort